The American Lung Association has classified Bakersfield, California, as the city with the most contaminated air in the nation.(http://www.stateoftheair.org/city-rankings/most-polluted-cities.html)



The non-profit association Urban Lung would like to change that by cleaning the ambient air of Bakersfield!


To do it we need the help of only 10 property owner's in Bakersfield, who would like to participate in Urban Lung´s drive to clean the air in your city by hosting for a year one of our patented Kinetic Lungs on your property.


That's it!



Look at what we have achieved in Mexicali, which was considered one of the most contaminated cities in Mexico until 2019


One year after we installed our network of Kinetic Lungs, we've reduced the contamination in Mexicali from 87% of the time, to only 18.2% (Source: the Mexican Federal Agency of clean air SINAICA)


Just as in Mexicali a year ago, Bakersfield today is the number one in particle pollution!





Our patented system (US Patent 10406466) is the most advanced in the world. It is the fist technology that purifies the ambient air without filters of any type that contaminate the land, and without generating any gases that contaminate the air: the Kinetic Lung uses only ecological means to capture toxic particles and gasses. We use solar energy to power the ventilators that circulate 50 thousand cubic METERS of air in a single 12 hour day with each Kinetic Lung, (yes, that is 1,765,733 cubic feet per day and per Lung!) and we use kinetic energy to purify the air inside each cell.


As a reference, Kinetic energy is the same one that allows planes to fly.


The Kinetic Lung is completely autonomous and safe. It is almost completely quiet, and it doesn't require any activity from the hosts. We do the periodic maintenance and take care of everything, so the hosts don't have to worry about anything.


Download the spec sheet of a Kinetic Lung.


You can read all about Urban Lung technology and our stories of success cleaning the air of the urban areas in our site:




If you are interested in hosting a Kinetic Lung at your property, please fill out this form:


Yes! I am interested in having clean air in my city. I am willing to host a Kinetic Lung at my property on a spot that receives sun throughout the day. I own the property so I have the legal power to host this ambient air purifier known as Kinetic Lung. I understand that the patent of the Kinetic Lung is property of the non-profit Urban Lung, along with all the legal rights and obligations and that if anything happens to the device while on my property, I am not liable in any way, shape or form. My only compromise is to provide the space of 4 square meters where the device will sit during at minimum a year of time and that no third party will interfere with it in any way. Urban Lung can retire its property at any moment.


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